Salam Pencak Silat.

Welcome to official portal website of PERSILAT.

More than 700 participants (Presidents, Secretary Generals, Committee Members, Referees-Jurors and National Coaches) from 37 countries attended the international virtual seminar on 22 and 23 August, 2020.

The main purpose of this seminar is to socialize new competition regulation of Pencak Silat, asking comment and opinion from Pencak Silat's stake holders worldwide for improvement, if any, before the new regulation goes to PERSILAT Congress 2021 for final decision next year.

To give chances to other countries that could not participate on the August seminar, Founders of PERSILAT decides to hold the 2nd seminar. When and who is able to participate, just read the following message from our Executive Chairman. This letter has been circulated to all Pencak Silat National Federations member of PERSILAT worldwide.

Zoom Seminar- Basic Protocol.

1. Please ensure your device name is the same as the name you used to send in the registration. If the names do not match, we may not admit you to the meeting room.

2. Do not share or circulate the zoom meeting link, ID or password to anyone else. This is to prevent unregistered participants from accessing the seminar.

3. The seminar will be conducted in English. Should you need a translator to help you with the seminar, please do so.

4. Note that we will start promptly at 3pm Jakarta time (GMT+7 or 4pm Singapore time (GMT+8). Please login the latest 1 (one) hour before seminar.

5. Please download or update the latest version of the Zoom app or you may be unable to login.

6. Please make sure you have the strongest internet connection at the location you are at, slow connection may result to disruption in your seminar’s experience.

7. Please keep yourself “MUTE” throughout the seminar session, and use the “RAISE HAND” icon only when the Q&A session is open. And you can type in the question under the “CHAT” function.

8. Use proper dress during attending the seminar. No eating throughout the session, as it will cause distraction to the participants.

9. Take pictures of yourself during seminar (screenshot on mobile phone or print screen in computer)  as a proof that you attend the seminar.

10. Please treat each other with respect. Treat people like how you want to be treated.
See you on October 4, 2020!